XOnano (exo-nano) provides ‘smart’ foam and sensor related technologies for critical impact applications.

XOnano replaces expensive, inflexible sensors with a self-sensing piezoelectric Smartfoam sensor. Essentially, we replace “dumb” material with “smart” material. By replacing regular foam with Smartfoam material, XOnano can monitor impacts in ways never before imagined; we can transform normal products into sensors. We can gather information like never before with our superior technology.  XOnano works to be the future of all data gathering – we want to be the “Intel-Inside™” of all foam-related products: we don’t make the products, we make the products smart.

XOnano strives to provide smartfoam technology to a variety of industries in order to improve the lives of their customers by enhancing their products.

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The History of XOnano

Jake Merrell was researching stress-strain gauges (Nanoparticles and Silicone mixed for high-deflection strain gauges) as a research assistant at Brigham Young University (BYU). Stress-strain gauges, in simple terms, can be used to sense elongation through piezoresistive (piezo – to squeeze, stretch or press; resistive – change in electrical resistance to flowing electrons) properties. When the gauges are stretched their resistance changes allowing the motion to be tracked.

Jake was busy working to optimize the strain gauge technology when during a meeting, football concussions were mentioned. The team wondered how the current gauges could measure those impacts. Jake thought, “we need to measure more than just strain.” At that point in time the team decided to explore a sensing foam. It just so happened that David Franey, an investor and minority owner of XOnano, introduced silicone foam to the team. Through some heavy statistical analyses, Jake was able to optimize the recipe for either piezoelectric response (impacts measurement) or piezoresistive response (pressure measurement). By combining the silicone foam with his knowledge on stress strain gauges, Jake discovered self-sensing foam!

XOnano Smartfoam was born.


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Technology that drives us to achieve and succeed

Imagine a world where your shoe tells your physical therapist where your foot hits the ground or where a football coach knows just how hard his player has been hit by a signal sent from his pads.  Imagine a car that paints a virtual picture of an accident, helping first responders before they even get to the scene.

Current sensors are expensive, require a constant power supply and lack the durability and flexibility to meet customer needs.  These sensors on the market also fail to provide immediate feedback and interact effectively with society.

Thanks to XOnano Smartfoam technology, these ineffective sensors can now become smart.


XOnano Smartfoam is self-powered, inexpensive, and durable enough to take the worst type of impacts.

The foam is developed with many different foam polymer bases including polyurethane, silicone, and latex foams. The XOnano particles are added while the foam is still in the liquid form after which the foam is cast normally. Because XOnano Smartfoam is uniform in composition and doesn’t require different layers. The foam can be cast in its final shape or trimmed to the desired shape.

Unlike traditional sensors, XOnano sensors can be manipulated to form fit to any product.  XOnano adds value by providing real time impact analysis in thousands of materials, thereby improving behavior and saving lives.


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XOnano Smartfoam is uniform in composition, density, and flexibility. Most important, it is piezoelectric. Our foam creates voltage when compressed. The voltage the foam creates upon impact is dependent upon the speed it is hit and the weight of the object that hits it. This information describes the energy of an impact. With the use of wireless micro-controllers the impact energy can be transmitted back to a computer, tablet or phone.  When an impact exceeds a predetermined threshold an alert can be sent to the connected electronic device allowing for more informed decisions.

Since September 2012, XONano, has been hard at work to perfect our patented XOnano Smartfoam. This foam has tremendous potential to enhance numerous products in a variety of markets. By replacing normal foam with smartfoam, XOnano brings life to ordinary products.

You can measure impact like never before.


XOnano provides immediate feedback by measuring and analyzing real time impacts. The XOnano system solves customer pain by informing customers – preventing future injury and pain, warning logistics companies when packages are damaged, painting virtual pictures for first responders to medical emergencies, providing parents crucial information that will protect their children and keep them safe, and utilizing quantifiable metrics to validate or dispute insurance claims. Customers modify their behavior and improve their lives based on the information that XOnano provides them. Customers enjoy healthier, happier, and more enjoyable lives.

With continued research, this data will help engineers develop materials and designs to improve technology to protect against impact, concussions, injury, and death! XOnano gives feeling to the everyday objects around us, making each of our lives a little softer, a little easier, and a lot more exciting. XOnano changes behaviors, provides information, and saves lives. XOnano smart foam – the smart material of tomorrow, today!

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Dr. David Fullwood

Smartfoam is one of those things where you say “how did someone ever come up with that?!” It’s like the discovery of nylon – serendipity describes only one part of the equation; the rest was hard work by Jake and a generation of BYU students.

From the moment that Jake said “Wow! This stuff gives off electricity when I hit it!” a Pandora’s box of opportunities opened up. In a few years we’ll wonder how we ever got by without it!

Dr. David Fullwood
Mechanical Engineering Department
Brigham Young University

Dr. Anton Bowden

“Technologies that can truly change the world are rare. However, in the case of the smartfoam, it is easy to see a revolutionary technology that enables our hunger for more information about our own interactions with the world around us. This is a technology that will make the information age personal.”

Dr. Anton Bowden
Mechanical Engineering Department
Brigham Young University

Vincent Gesquiere


“Alleviating the pressure on a person’s body during sleep has been the holy grail of the mattress industry for ages and has only been possible under zero gravity conditions up to now. The XOnano technology brings this piece of heaven to earth by creating foam that can communicate with your bed, providing ultimate comfort as one sleeps.”

Vincent Gesquiere
General Manager and Executive Vice President
Latexco, LLC

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