Military Defense

XOnano will use smartfoam to enhance military vehicle armor plating. A thin coat of XOnano material on the inside of the vehicle chassis assists soldiers in monitoring battle damage assessment. XOnano technology will provide combatant commanders instant information on: vehicle operability, impact location on the vehicle, caliber of enemy munitions, and vehicle integrity.

Lining military vehicles with XOnano smartfoam will provide vital information on all ambush and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) attacks. Commanders will be better able to make informed decisions on whether or not a vehicle can continue to fight or a quick reactionary force and MEDEVAC should be deployed to assist.

XOnano also has the ability to enhance military body armor. By transforming regular body armor into XOnano smart armor, Commanders can immediately identify injury locations in real time.

  • Body Armor
  • Helmets
  • Vehicle Lining
  • Targetry
  • Logistics

Astronautical / Aeronautical

By replacing existing bushings in planes and rockets with smart bushings we can monitor motion and vibrations in ways never before possible. XOnano technology will enable you to detect early warning signs of failure or signs that maintenance is necessary.

NASA has expressed interest in XOnano’s ability to measure and sense vibrations. XOnano bushings have the ability to test and measure vibrations in real time thereby providing information that saves equipment or even lives.

  • Bushings

Sports Equipment

Customers lack immediate feedback from our interactions with the world around us. We don’t know we’re running incorrectly until we feel a pain in the knee. XOnano provides customers immediate feedback, preventing future knee and joint pain.

According to recent Pop Warner football statistics, participation has plummeted by more than 10%. Parents are deciding to not let their children play football because they are afraid of the threat of concussions –  their children are not safe playing Pop Warner football. Currently, these parents lack information – they don’t know how much damage their children will suffer when they get hit playing contact sports. The concern is real and terrifying – your children might suffer brain damage or be permanently injured.

You need immediate feedback following real time impacts. XOnano provides you the information that you are searching for – XOnano has the ability to measure and analyze impacts, providing parents crucial information that will protect and keep their children safe. Most importantly we add this ability to sense impact without  the addition of rigid sensors. XOnano Smartfoam replaces a portion of the foam that is already in your products.

  • Shoe Insoles
  • Helmets (Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Bicycle, motorcycle, rugby)
  • Body pads (Shoulder Pads)
  • Compression Gear (Knee, Elbow, Sport Bras, Ankle)


Logistics companies that ship products don’t know if the packages are shipped with care. If the products arrive broken, when and where did they break? Who is responsible? These shipping companies need this information. Currently, the companies can’t know because shipping containers are incapable of collecting and transmitting this information. There are no quantifiable metrics to validate or dispute claims– until XOnano smartfoam.

  • Fragile Shipment Monitoring
  • Shipping Containers
  • Drone Delivery


XOnano smart bed technology will be able to alert a medical staff when bed-ridden patients develop “hot spots”–areas of inflammation and tissue breakdown from long periods of immobility. These pressure points lead to the formation of decubitus ulcers, which is a critical issue that prolongs hospitalization. At present, there isn’t a mechanism in place to determine a specific point of increased pressure. XOnano is the solution!

Nurses must manually turn patients, which not only consumes manpower, but exposes nursing staff to risk from injury. Moreover, it is largely ineffective. Our technology aims to identify pressure points as they develop, which will save considerable resources and unnecessary medical complications. In addition, XOnano technology will alert nursing staff when patients get out of bed, which will help prevent catastrophic and costly mechanical falls that too often occur in hospitals. XOnano technology offers another set of eyes to monitor the health of patients.

This bed can also be used commercially. Families with aging parents can use this bed to monitor when their mom or dad gets out of bed in the middle of the night and doesn’t return. The children can be notified by email, text message, and phone call if their parent might have fallen. When the elderly person gets out of bed, the XOnano bed can turn on a night light, or even the bathroom light, providing an extra sense of security as our loved ones age.

  • Devices
  • Orthotics/Prosthetics
  • Mattresses


Insurance companies use dated and ineffective techniques to assess the details of a car accident. As a result of the subjectivity of the assessment, insurance companies pay out billions of dollars a year on false or bloated insurance claims. Once an automobile is coated with a thin layer of XOnano smartfoam, these assessments can become 100% accurate.

There are no quantifiable metrics to validate or dispute claims– until XOnano.

  • Street Sensors
  • Vehicle collision (Bumpers, Airbags, etc.)
  • Vehicle Safety (Seats, Seat Belts, Bushings)
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • NASCAR (Body Suits, Helmets, Seats, Seat Belts)


XOnano is working on industrial bushings that could be used to monitor remote oil pipelines. These bushings will detect abnormal conditions which accurately and quickly diagnoses issues and prevents costly repairs.

  • Remote monitoring (bushings)