Taekwondo vest – XOnano Smartfoam enabled sparing vest created by 2020 Armor which measures impact severity and frequency to enable Mortal Combat like gaming capabilities to martial arts. The vest measures each impact event and is used in one and two-player modes to train Martial Arts athletes.

20/20 Armor makes an electronic chest guard that brings the Street Fighter video game to life. This technology gamifies martial arts, making it fun and engaging through its multiple built-in game modes, which teach the fundamentals of sparring such as timing, power, and speed.

Video Game Scoring

Energy levels in red and blue

This vest is used to make training fun and helps club owners significantly increase their bottom line by attracting and retaining students. The founders are club owners and National Team members themselves, with decades of experience. 20/20 Armor aims to be the standard training system for all striking martial arts and the official scoring system for the Olympics, with the ultimate vision of making Taekwondo a new professional sport.


XENITH/XONANO Smart Shoulder Pad

In partnership with Xenith, NCP has created the first smart shoulder pad. We replaced large sections of normal Xenith foam with the best impact foam on the planet: Rogers Corporations’ PORON.

Xenith/XOnano Smartfoam Smart Shoulder Pad.

PORON outperforms all competitors and is the foam material of choice for extreme impact protection. It is soft and contouring against the body, yet instantly dissipates force on impact.

Not only does the PORON foam outperform other shoulder pad foam, we can make PORON smart by mixing our patented conductive particulate with liquid foam. We can now measure the severity, location, and acceleration of all impacts.

Coaches, trainers, team doctors, and concerned parents can track the impact their player encounters in practice and game with our app.

Collecting Impact Data with the Xenith/XOnano Smart Shoulder Pad.

Shoulder pad with upgraded Smartfoam.

XOSole (Instrumented, Smart Insole)

XOnano Smartfoam provides customers immediate feedback, providing instantaneous information to help prevent future injury and pain with the only Smartfoam powered insole, the XOSole. The XOSole can measure and analyze 3D Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) and impacts with Smartfoam. The XOSole provides customers with crucial information that will enable them to protect and keep themselves safe. Through real time feedback, patients and athletes are able to retrain locomotion techniques to reduce the risk of injury. This locomotion technique training has been limited to a lab setting, but through the use of NCP’s smart insoles (and a connected smart device) this training could be carried out anywhere. Our customers need information on how to improve their performance in order to lead happier, healthier, and more successful lives. Smartfoam is addressing the customer needs for more information and solves this customer pain with the XOsole.

Imagine a world where your shoe tells your physical therapist where your foot hits the ground or where a football coach knows just how hard his player has been hit by a signal sent from his cleats. We don’t know we’re running incorrectly until we feel pain in our knees. Customers lack immediate feedback from our interactions with the world around us.

XOnano has partnered with the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) and U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) to develop this insole.

USARIEM, ECBC, an XOnano are developing a prototype nanocomposite piezoelectric insole capable of detecting 3D Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) and an associated microcontroller for data storage and transmission. Soldier-worn networked sensors are useful in understanding load-induced biomechanical forces on, and devising strategies to prevent non-battle musculoskeletal injuries to dismounted small unit Warfighters.

Such sensors must accurately communicate load data, be user-acceptable, and durable for an extended time in a wide variety of operational environments.

 USARIEM and ECBC are interested in quantifying and characterizing the forces and loads on Warfighters in varying operational and environmental scenarios.

The mechanics of human movement provide a unique and remarkably revealing window into the human body. An accurate and precise description of human movement can provide invaluable information regarding a wide variety of issues; e.g., athletic ability, joint health, culture, and even mood.

Unlike all other insoles, our insole can accurately and precisely measure specific characteristics of ground reaction force (GRF; 3D components and center of pressure). These Ground Reaction Forces can be used to provide valuable information in countless out-of-lab environments.

When connected to an appropriate app and smart device, our insole can be used to perform important tasks; e.g., accurately measuring and recording caloric expenditure:

  • obesity is now at epidemic levels in our country and is a major cause of poor health.
  • identifying and then retraining movement patterns that are detrimental to lower-extremity musculoskeletal health
    • knee osteoarthritis now affects nearly 30 million individuals.
  • evaluating a training activity that has been designed to improve athletic performance via the increase of vertical and/or horizontal GRF.
    • there is now tremendous demand for technology that can provide a competitive edge in various athletic pursuits).

Smart Shipping (Logistics)



Logistics companies that ship products don’t know if the packages are shipped with care. If the products arrive broken, when and where did they break? Who is responsible?

By using RFID technology, your medical device, or consumer electronics device can be tracked every centimeter of its journey from point A-B. You will know if your device experiences excessive impact or vibration with Smartfoam technology.

Shipping companies need this information. Currently, the companies can’t know because shipping containers are incapable of collecting and transmitting this information. There are no quantifiable metrics to validate or dispute claims– until XOnano Smartfoam. Track your package from point A to B and know precisely how much impact it encounters along the way.

  • Fragile Shipment Monitoring
  • Shipping Containers
  • Drone Delivery
  • Electronics (gaming PCs)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military Equipment
  • Vaccination tracking

Track vaccines from point A-B. Prevent tampering, monitor expiration dates…

After months of waiting to kill zombies with your ultra gaming PC, the last thing you want to discover is something is damaged during shipping… With Smartfoam tracking products, you rest assured that your zombie-killing days won’t be delayed because of an unknown problem.

XOnano Smartfoam Powered SmartshoeXOnano Smartshoe can measure 3D GRF outside the lab. Capture human performance during the heat of competition.Our smartshoe powered by  XOnano Smartfoam will replace instrumented treadmills and force plates.

We insert four Smartfoam sensors in the heel, arch, ball and toe of the foot and can transform any shoe into a Smartshoe.

Replace four small sections of normal foam with Smartfoam: toe, ball, arch, heel.

Gait analysis is an essential tool in identifying and understanding human movement. The modeling of three-dimensional ground reaction forces (3D GRF) is an important element of gait analysis. GRF analysis can be used to identify key gait parameters such as cadence, heel strike, and toe off. The measurement of GRF now requires a subject to walk across a force plate, which is affixed in a floor or to a treadmill. These devices are expensive and can only be used in laboratory environments. Further, only a few steps can be recorded at a time using the aforementioned commercial force platforms, making data collection time-intensive and inefficient.Treadmills instrumented with force platforms can be used to collect more data; however, these treadmills cost approximately ten times more than a traditional force platform.

The gold-standard of GRD: expensive, immobile instrumented treadmills.

Such a cost prohibits many researchers from obtaining treadmill GRF data. These issues have led to a technological push in the development of mobile force sensors, which could open new possibilities for applied gait analysis.

XOnano Smartfoam can measure 3D GRF at an accuracy rate of 97% of force plates and treadmills. Read more about this report here.

With our Smartshoe, you can conduct gait analysis outside of the lab. Labs perform a vital function, but they do not account for the emotion associated with competition. With our shoe we can study human performance during live competition and in all weather conditions. We can provide data where athletes train and perform.

Automotive Safety Products

Adult sitting and moving in a seat.

XOnano has developed a smart car seat that can distinguish the differences between adults, children, and boxes being placed in a seat.

When autonomous vehicles are introduced, Smartfoam can distinguish between a person and a package.

50 pound child moving in a booster seat.

Setting books/packages on a seat.

Smartfoam can identify when passengers get fatigued, and even the severity of impact when a passenger gets whip lash as a result of an accident. This would help first responders, insurance agencies, and OEMs develop safer equipment.


Insurance companies use dated and ineffective techniques to assess the details of a car accident. As a result of the subjectivity of the assessment, insurance companies pay out billions of dollars a year on false or bloated insurance claims. Once an automobile is coated with a thin layer of XOnano Smartfoam, these assessments can become 100% accurate. There are no quantifiable metrics to validate or dispute claims– until XOnano.

Create 3D organs for Crash Test Dummies out of Smartfoam to assess damage to internal organs.

  • Street Sensors
  • Vehicle collision (Bumpers, Airbags, etc.)
  • Vehicle Safety (Seats, Seat Belts, Bushings)
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • NASCAR (Body Suits, Helmets, Seats, Seat Belts)


Smartfoam Powered Helmet

Replacing sections of normal foam with smartfoam has resulted in the creation of a smart football helmet that can transmit impact data (location, severity, speed, and frequency) in real-time.

In connection with Xenith helmets, XOnano has developed a smart football helmet, which is the solution for which football is searching. The Xenith/XOnano helmet offers supreme impact protection and the ability to transmit impact data to coaches, team doctors, trainers, and concerned parents. 

This is an image of some of the foam we have replaced. We can easily hide a microcontroller into the helmet that transmits data in real-time to the sideline. Coaches, parents, team doctors, and trainers can track the severity of impact in real-time.

We are working with Xenith on a new helmet who poses the question, “Are You Ready?” With XOnano Smartfoam inside our new helmet, you will be ready. You will be able to monitor your own head health. You will know how hard you hit the opponent and how hard you got hit.